Winnower update and closing dates

Winnower:  The winnower is apart, modified, and on the way back to being put back together.  Winnower V.1.2.  It has a more optimized flow path for both the beans and nibs and the introduction point is now optimized.  The plan for V.1.3 is the automated feed mechanism and closed catch basic for the nibs.  After […]

Winnower prototype finished and working

So, how many of you have been hoping for an announcement like this?  I know I certainly have been.  It’s all 2×4’s, plywood, plexiglass and dryer duct, but it works, and is letting me play around with subtle variations to optimize it.  The plexiglass is a must for seeing what is going on – plus […]


While roasting up my samples of the up coming Tanzanian cocoa (it’s in – look for it over the weekend), I noticed how picture perfect it roasted up.  They went from a slightly rough surface to a nice smooth surface.  Just what you want to aim for.  Also, unlike coffee, note there is not really […]



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