Back to what passes for normal

I am back in town, catching up on orders, e-mails, repairs and prototype winnower building, plus all the other day to day stuff.

I have quite the back log of people on a waiting list for refurbished Behmors, so for the moment, I will no longer be adding people to the waiting list.  I need to dig out instead of just making a longer list, because at the rate requests are coming in I will never catch up.  So, again, no more waiting list for Behmors.  I will catch up and fulfill everyone that is one it, and then make them available in general.

That’s it for now.

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  1. Just wanted to say thanks. I have started making chocolate. I saw note of you on John Scharfenberger’s website AllChocolate. You may single handedly be changing the face of american chocolate by enabling others through attainable basics to create a new form of chocolate in our country. Good on you mate!
    Scott Buss

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