Inventory updates

Well, the Peru sold out the same day I said it was in short supply.  I was just about to put up the same ‘low stock’ warning about the Papua New Guinea, but alas, it is actually all gone. I have a sample of  Papua New Guinea in from the current crop that I like […]

Stock changes

We are just about out of the delicate and soft Peru.  No, I don’t know if any more will be coming in any time soon.  So, if you have not tried it and have been thinking about it, now is the time.  It probably will not be around next week. The same is true with […]

Back up

That says it.  We are back in the game.  Parts arrived, systems are restored, and orders and e-mails are being caught up on. If you emailed and don’t get a reply by Tuesday, please e-mail again. Also, if you find any oddities on the site (new ones) please let me know.

Important Update

John asked me to post a quick note that he’s suffered some major power damage to his modem and is offline for up to the next week with no way to respond to orders or update the site. please sit tight. nothing will be lost or overlooked but he cannot currently get access to the […]



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