If it is not one thing, it is another

I woke up  this morning to a blue screen of death.  To those that don’t instantly get the meaning of that, some ‘part’ of my primary computer died overnight.  I am posting this on an emergency back up computer at an offsite system.  I don’t have ANY email access, and the ability to process or […]

New items

Due to some prompting from, Santha is now making a Stainless Still hub for the Alchemist’s Stone Melanger.  I have 9 available.  Caps will be available after the turn of the year. Also, the friuty  Madagascar is back in stock.  And I finally have in 100% Organic whole milk powder.  Look for it over the […]

Nibs now available

OK, you say that they have always been available.  Well, true and not true.  I have always offered them up to 5 lbs and never as wholesale.  That now changes.  There are Wholesale Nibs now available.  Consider it a test run.  Partly, do they sell, or inversely, if they do, can I keep up. Why […]

Server issues and something novel

Hey folks.  Hang tight.  Many of you have noticed and let me know the site has been down off and on the last few days.  It may continue to happen for a few more days while we work it out.  Actually, we run off two servers – one for content and one for the store […]



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