On the way back up

OK, I have a working system again, but don’t have access to a number of files and e-mails I use.  But orders are going out, I am catching up on e-mails and e-mails are coming in.

In the event you have written to me in the last week, give me a week or so to respond.  After that, if you have not heard back from me, please write again.

In the mean time, the new crop of Papua New Guinea is in.  Still smokey, but a little more mellow this year.

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  1. Hi,

    Just sent you a tiny little present to taste my wares, thanks to your wonderful website and of course I left out the card. Hadn’t even noticed until I looked for the address that you live in Oakland, OR which I didn’t know existed but is a pleasant coincidence as I have named my senior project in life The Oakland Chocolate Company to be (a joyful project but also) a sustainable development project for my city of Oakland, CA where I am a city councilmember, as well as for the farmers of Jamaica from where I get my beans and hope to help them develop greater capacity to get their beans to market.

    Hope you like the chocolate and have a warm, dry and happy holiday.



  2. Hi John. I live in Samoa where, among other things, I make passion fruit wine, brandy and liqueur and I also have access to plenty of premium cocoa beans (theobroma). I am thinking of small scale chocolate making and filling the chocolate with our passion fruit liqueur. I nothing about making chocolate from beans apart from what I have learnt from surfing the net for the last few weeks and your site is by far the best I’ve found. I notice we can get the smaller model of Santha melangeur through you but do you have the Spectra 20 220V. I tried emailing santhausa but always get a non delivery message. Also what small scale roaster do you recommend and how would you suggest I go about filling chocolate with a liqueur filling. Any suggestions at all from you or other chocolate making enthusiasts would be welcome. Thanks a lot – Bob

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