11 variety/origins available

With the addition of a new origin (Costa Rica), and the return of one (Ecuador), that puts the total number of varieties available to a new high for Chocolate Alchemy.  Sure, not as many as available as coffee, but not insignificant either.  The Costa Rican   is from the Umpala region, and has a nice […]

Even more beans

The reviews for the Rio Caribe F1 and Rio Caribe F2 are now up.  In addition, I’ve added a special Venezuelan Sampler Pack for while these four varieties last.  And lest that not be enough, two more new beans arrived late last week.  A mild, slightly earthy Trinitario from Costa Rica (which is both Fair […]

Venezuelan beans in – including Ocumare

It’s been a few years since I have had this particular variety in.  When Venezuelan cocoa became very popular a few years, there suddenly seemed to be more  cocoa from this region being sold than being produced, and some (aside from being down right back) bore a striking resemblance to mediocre Colombian cocoa – I’ll […]



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