What is this?

I mentioned a  little bit ago I wanted to put up something a little fun.  It’s a game a photographer friend of mine suggested that I have had a lot of fun with.  It’s basically to identify the item in the photo.  The trick?  It’s an extreme close up or a ‘Macro’.  In this case it will always have to do with cocoa, chocolate making, etc.  Here is the first one.


So, what is it?  Post your reply.  Recognition to the first right answer.  I will post the full size picture next Monday along with a new Macro.

8 Responses to “What is this?”

  1. The latch on the Behmor roaster?

  2. Daniel beat me to it!

  3. Metal mesh basket for roasting cacao beans.

  4. Definately the latch on a Behmor roaster!!

  5. so as not be left out….. I agree with everyone.

  6. Well, I will say people are getting close, but are not quite 100% on the money.

  7. Looks like crystalized sugar

  8. its the behmor hinge opposite the latch

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