Cocoa bean stock update

As you may have seen, most of the Venezuelan varieties have been moving very quickly.  We are out of Rio Caribe F1 and Carenero Superior.  Wholesale stock of Ocumare is gone (along with the F1 and Carenero).  The good news is that more of the Rio Caribe F1 is on it’s way, along with a […]

Dry ice for storage of cocoa beans

   Well, not a single person posted a guess what those previous photos were.  That’s ok.  I would have been surprised if many worked it out.  It’s something I get to see quite a bit.  It was the carbon dioxide wafting off the dry ice I use to blanket the cocoa bean stock here.  Why?  […]

Triple header Macro

OK, this one may or may not be fair, but I swear it is cocoa bean and homemade chocolate related.  And something I’ve been meaning to address for some time.  So, give it a go, and I’ll use it a spring board a little later.

Non-macro photo and home made Praline

Well, that was indeed the wheels of the Santha with product on them.  The ‘trick’ if there was one was that it was not chocolate.  It was praline.  Some time ago I read in The Cake Bible that it just was not possible to make Praline at home – that it was not possible to […]

Yet, another Macro

Brad and  Chad had it right.  It is indeed the teeth on the cutter wheel on the Champion.  On that note, have a look at what a few hundred pounds of chocolate will do. If your cutter wheel is looking like the one of the left, you might want to pick up a new one.  […]



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