Triple header Macro

OK, this one may or may not be fair, but I swear it is cocoa bean and homemade chocolate related.  And something I’ve been meaning to address for some time.  So, give it a go, and I’ll use it a spring board a little later.


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  1. Emailed you John….

  2. Dry ice on a bag of cocoa beans… killin’ dem bugs!

  3. Can you explain more about the bugs. Does this happen often if I were to order a large bag of beans. Do you address this somewhere else on your site. If so point me in that direction please and I will read there.

    Thank you

  4. “bugs”. What we are talking about here are cocoa moths. In many cases, especially with organic beans (because no fumigants are used), if the beans are not stored cold or treated with something to inhibit hatching, cocoa moth larvae in beans (which are very common in origin) can hatch out damaging a bag of beans.

    By treating them with dry ice, the beans are naturally fumigated and kept good.

    If you purchase a single bag from me, there will be a good chance it will have been treated. If it is more than a single bag, the answer is ‘it depends’ on whether I have the bags here or are having them drop shipped from a ware house. If you are getting them someplace else, most likely you will need to treat them or use them in a timely manner.

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