A chocolate lover’s cocoa. Venezuelan – Sur del Lago

Sur del Lago I was blown away by the complexity of luscious nature of this cocoa.  Balance, soft fruit, toffee and just plain (if you can call it plain) chocolate!  I only have  a few bags of this, but am thrilled I get to share it with you.  That puts the Venezuelan offerings back up to four (and they are all diverse but great in their own way).  With this one, I am making the Venezuelan Sampler pack  available again, and for those who are keeping track, yes, that means the Rio Caribe F1 is also available again.

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  1. Thank you so much John! You answered all my questions all at once here as to why it’s so important to buy all the beans (right beans) you want for the exquisite flavor! The part I wanted to skip was the roasting, cracking, winnowing and grinding the nibs, into cocoa liquor steps. But after re-reading the other sections of your site, several times I see and understand why and how it’s not so daunting as I concluded after only reading through one time only. I will do this! Knowing the bit of extra time it takes pays off big time in taste! And while I’m talking about “taste”, I’d also like to add that, after all my research, South and Central American and Caribbean offer the best beans in the world, and these are exactly the the beans you have to share with us!

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