Nazario Risek

**Note**  For the last week, the wrong review has been up for Nazario Risek – An older Carenero Superior review got put in and I discovered it morning.  So, if you looked before, please have another look.  It is not too unlike Carenero in many ways, but it is not the same bean…..wondering that no […]

Odds and ends

The drawings of the newest (and hopefully final) version of the deluxe cracker have been sent to the shop for quoting and production.  Maybe I’ll get some quick photos up to show it off. There is a new bean from the Dominican Republic in.  It will be up and available over the weekend.  It has […]

Winnower update

Yes, it’s been a long time coming, but it is coming along.  I’ve made a few discoveries (both good and less than good) along the way. 1)  The new Deluxe cracker (not yet available) that I designed to give a more even crack for the winnower works great. 2)  With the new cracker, due to […]



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