Ocumare pre-orders

I am putting together part of a container of Ocumare.  If you have a need of wholesale quantities, anywhere from one bag to…as much as you want, email me.  I will be offering a 10% discount for pre-orders for anything over a bag.In addition, there is the option of adding in some other Venezuelan beans (Carenero for instance) that if you would like to pre-order some, those could come along for the same discount.

Just email me at Alchemist at Chocolate Alchemy dot com.    No spaces…you know the routine.

2 Responses to “Ocumare pre-orders”

  1. How much? I need raw organic cocoa beans. I am running some exeriments and need a pound or two or three.

  2. Well, I have not set the pound price yet, as it will depend on shipping charges.

    It would be $5.50/lb for a single bag. After 6 bags that would
    drop to a little under $5/lb, and there is an additional break at 1 MT.

    As for a pound or two of organic raw beans, follow the Retail link at the top of this page, and then the cocoa beans link on the left, and you will see the organic listed.

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