New Cocoa beans

The new crop of Papua New Guinea is in, and is a kinder, gentler crop this year.  If you have been put off in the past by the aggressive smoke this new crop is much slighter in smoke, and instead highlights more of the origin itself – piquant acidity, good chocolate and hints of leather.  […]

Order Status

I’ve added in a small new feature to the Retail and Wholesale shops – Order status.  It’s on the left side at the bottom.  In some ways, it won’t give you a lot more than you already have via email, but is kind of handy when emails get mis-placed.  Basically, just put in your order […]

All American Chocolate – Cocoa from Hawaii

Well, to be accurate, I should really say cocoa grown in the USA.   I have a small amount of cocoa from Hawaii.  Specifically from Waialua estate on Oahu.  It’s a tiny bean (see below) with a bold chocolate flavor.  Big chocolate flavor, dark notes, macadamia nut, soft lemon.  Check out the whole review.  Also, you […]



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