Patanemo in stock

For those that missed it or those that tried it and want a little more, I was able to get another single bag of Venezuelan Criollo Patanemo. 

Roasted beans and customer accounts

A little while ago I acquired an antique roaster.  It’s in the process of being refinished, but in the meantime is completely functional.  As a result, all cocoa beans are now available as Roasted.  The odd 35 lb option is because that is the capacity of the roaster.  Right now I don’t have an option […]

Venezuelan Chuao

What you think when you hear the  word “Chuao” seems to be a good indicator of how much time you spend thinking about chocolate. ‘HUH?’ may mean this is the first time you have visited here.  A exclamation may mean you are well read about chocolate and have heard just how great it can be.  […]



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