Brewing Cocoa

I have gone through and tasted all of the cocoa beans I have in stock and evaluated them as Brewing Cocoa.  Where as, in my opinion, all have the potential to make great chocolate, not all translate into brewed chocolate well.  Generally speaking, but very bright ones (Papua New Guinea and Madagascar) do not do well.  But the rest I have decided to offer up, roasted, ground (with the husk) and ready to brew.

Brewing Cocoa 

Some people have asked if grinding their own would be fresher and/or better.  My answer….probably, but not necessarily.  Not everyone has the appropriate grinder (no motorized burr grinders for this stuff or will just clog them) nor will all the beans show the same drop in freshness.  I certainly don’t recommend keeping Brewing Cocoa around weeks and months, but in a week or two I’ve not found a massive difference.  If you want to try grinding them yourself, then just by Roasted Cocoa, grind just what you need (in a manual burr grinder or a whirly blade spice grinder) and enjoy.

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  1. I’m new to this. I got some beans from you. How do I brew? I put them in a coffee grinder. It clogged up the grinder and made a wet paste rather than coffee ground like material? (In the meantime, I have enjoyed eating the beans whole.)

  2. Wow. Sorry. I didn’t see the full post above until after I clicked submit comment.

    So once ground, can I just run it through a coffee maker, french press, etc. If so, how much ground per cup?

  3. John,
    This is completely off topic of this post, but I know you expereinced some difficulties with your computer you use to respond to emails. I was wondering if you are caught up on responding or still a little behind because I just realized, somehow, your email ended up on my Pampered Chef business contact list, so you were receiving my email blasts meant for my customers.

    I was hoping my email address was not added to a spam list because of this…

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