Colombian Santander – Lot 3666 & 3668 – 2011

Sadly, the Venezuelan Porcelano is gone, and although not a replacement for it (hah, I make myself laugh there), two new lots of a brand new origin are in. Colombian Santander.  This is a perfect example why one should not judge a book (or bean) by it’s cover (or appearance).  It’s not pretty, but neither […]

Making your own cocoa butter

It seems like I get asked this a lot. So far I’ve not found a practical way to do it. Or at least way that makes it a reasonable alternative to just buying some. One of the few times that DIY isn’t superior, even with extra worth on your part. There is about 50% cocoa […]

Holiday Schedule

With the start of the holiday season orders have approximately doubled and shipping will most likely take an extra day or so from the time of your order.  Please account for this in ordering if you need something by a certain date.  For actual shipping times use this chart as an APPROXIMATE gauge. This is […]



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