Catching up

Everything is back up and running after being down for more than I expected.  TWO failed hard drives….but nothing lost.  It will probably take me a few days to catch up on all orders and e-mail.  Any roasted or brewing cocoa will be delayed a little longer simply due to time constraints.  Thank you in […]

Technical delays

Hi folks.  This is not how I wanted to head out of town and to the Chocolate Fest, but…. I am having computer issues, and my main system is going into the shop while I am away.  Unforunately that leaves me unable to fulfill a handful of orders or tell people directly that their orders […]

Chocolate Fest 2012

I will be attending Chocolate Fest in Portland on January 20-21.  Drop me a line if you will be there – we can see about meeting up and talking and tasting real chocolate. BTW – no booth – I’m ‘just’ attending.  (hint, look for the chocolate colored kilt)

Venezuelan Ocumare and Carenero Superior

That really says it right there.  Ocumare and Carenero Superior from Venezuela are in.  They look, smell and taste fantastic. And the exciting part for me is that it’s is the first (partial) container that I’ve brought in myself.  Enjoy ! And they are available Wholesale also if that is your need.  Roasted versions will […]



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