Northwest Chocolate Festival

Chocolate Alchemy will be closed Friday, September 28 while I am off to Northwest Chocolate Festival, in Seattle, Washington. We will be giving two cocoa roasting demonstrations, Saturday evening and Sunday morning.  Please stop by if you are there.  It is always great putting faces to the names. Happy roasting everyone!

Ask the Alchemist #5

Can I make my own cocoa powder for baking or hot chocolate by fine grinding my nibs? This seems to come up quite a lot. And it really is rather understandable if you do not know just what cocoa powder is. To start off on the right foot, cocoa powder is not just ground up […]

Ask the Alchemist #4

My tempered chocolate has bloomed. Is it ruined? I’m both a little surprised I get this question so often, and saddened that I don’t get it because people have just thrown their chocolate away assuming it ruined. First and foremost, bloomed chocolate is not ruined. You can temper and re-temper it until Bessie has come […]

Ask the Alchemist #3

Do I have to use granulated cane sugar to make chocolate? What about refining with alternative sweeteners or making unsweetened milk chocolate? Well, first and foremost, there is a ton of information over in the forum about this. Next, there are actually quite a few alternative sugars you can use, to a greater or lesser […]

Ask the Alchemist #2

When do I press the cocoa butter out? I have actually received a lot of variations of this question.  Somewhere along the lines,  the idea has gotten around that you need to press out the cocoa butter from your liqueur, dry refine the chocolate and then add it back.  Or that you are making chocolate […]

New Origin – Organic Nicaragua 2012

That brings the currently number of cocoa bean offerings to a baker’s dozen. “….. As a chocolate, the nuttiness stays on, along with the richness of medjool dates, molasses and interesting tobacco (leaf not smoke) notes….” As always, it’s available Retail, Wholesale, and both raw and roasted. And I have confirmation that the alluded to […]



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