Ask the Alchemist #31

“I’ve made a version of your (Aether/Sylph) winnower, but it’s not quite working.  I’m still getting husk in my nibs and nibs in my husk.  Help.  And I really don’t understand what the point of that other valve is that isn’t changing the vacuum.  Can you explain that more?” Great question.  I keep forgetting I […]

Ask the Alchemist #30

Are there some general percentages of loss to calculate for in chocolate formulations, such as moisture loss, husk waste loss, etc?” Yes. OK, I guess you want more than that. Like, you actually want to know what they are? Ok, I can do that. It’s pretty straight forward, and around the site, but the whole […]

Whack of new Cocoa beans

With Hurricane Sandy last year, a lot of cocoa and cocoa supply chains were severely disrupted.  At nearly half a year later, most everything is back in order, old regulars are back in stock, and some new ones have come also. Belize – Organic and Direct Trade – NEW Origin Dominican Republic “La Red” Organic/DT […]

Ask the Alchemist #29

I have heard that chocolate benefits from a slight resting or maturation period before eating. Is this true? Why? How long? Is there a shelf life? Well, for once, there is going to be very little definitive I can give you here, at least in the form of specific practices. Keep in mind, the majority […]



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