Organic Madagascar is back

If you are not familiar with Madagascar cocoa, then prepare for a wild ride. It is a real powerhouse. It has generally gained the reputation as an immensely complex cocoa bean with a huge potential.  If you are familiar with coffee origins, then I put this akin to a bright, citrusy Kenyen.

As always, you can have it however you with.  Raw and Roasted, Retail or Wholesale.

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  1. …is it true that the real way to obtain a unique or custom flavor in chocolate is to extend the fermenting time?..your opinion….also why do so many people add vanilla to me it smothers the true quality..or lack there of..your opinion please..thank you!

  2. Well, it is “A” way to get unique flavors, but it is certainly not “THE” only real way to get different flavor. Roast level, recipe, refining time all play into it significantly.

    As for vanilla – it’s a matter of what you are used to and expectations. My personal take is moderation in all things. I’ve found that just a touch in certain circumstances heightens the overall flavor profile of the chocolate without overwhelming it.

    Those are my opinions.

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