Semi-Closed 7/21/13 – 7/26/13

We are away for the upcoming week.  The stores and cart will remain open, but no orders will be processed at all.  Please feel free to put in an order.  Likewise, no e-mails will be answered until the end of the week. And if anyone is curious, my daughter has taken a fancy for hiking […]

Ask the Alchemist #42

I Have tried to alkalize my cocoa nibs by briefly dipping them in a solution of water and sodium carbonate. I was amazed by the change of color to a real dark brown. Only that I lost a lot of the cocoa flavor. But that bitter taste too disappeared. My question is: Is that a […]

Ask the Alchemist #41

I have a question for Ask the Alchemist. How do I get it to you and get you to answer it? You can send it to And no, you have not missed this address somewhere. I’ve had quite the number of back logged questions. But now I would love to answer more of your […]



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