Ask the Alchemist #46 and USPS Tracking

Some of you may have noticed, contrary to what it currently says about USPS and no tracking numbers (soon to change) tracking numbers are now available for USPS packages, including Standard Post (which previously was Parcel Post and is still just as slow). I am going to toss a disclaimer out there though. I don’t […]

Semi-Closed 8/21/13 – 8/25/13

As I mentioned earlier in the summer, we are going to be closed today through the weekend.  At the time of leaving all orders will be fulfilled and as before, I will leave the shopping carts in the stores on. I will have very limited e-mail access, so if you don’t hear back, that is […]

Ask the Alchemist #45

“I have been reading about bacteria and pathogen content on the shells of raw cocoa beans, and commercial techniques used to prevent them from transferring into chocolate. Would there be any benefit for home and small artisan chocolate makers to using practices like misting beans with water at the end of roasting, or maintaining a […]

Ask the Alchemist #44

I’ve always wondered if it would be possible to thin out a liquid ganache with some regular milk and run it through an ice cream machine. (Mine is a counter-top model that has a canister which is frozen prior o use, and has a paddle that stirs the mix as the canister freezes it.) Would […]

Refurbished Behmor

I have two refurbished Behmors.  And these are a real steal as they were both cosmetic damage only.  Never used.  Dinged panels and doors. …and a mere two hours later they are gone….

Ask the Alchemist #43

I am trying to figure out the best way to make my homemade chocolate behave in ice cream. Do you have any suggestions or recipes for how to make this work? Well, this is not so much a chocolate question, but it does bring up a couple points that I will take a couple minutes […]



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