Ask the Alchemist #49

Will you be at the NW Chocolate Festival

No.  I dislocated my knee last weekend and that just won’t be possible.

My chocolate bloomed.  Is it ruined?  Can I temper it again?

No, it is not ruined.  You can temper it as many times as you like.  It is like asking if once your ice melts, if you can freeze it again.

Is your cocoa butter food safe?


Is your lecithin food safe?


Can I eat your raw cocoa beans as is?

Well, I can’t stop you, but I don’t recommend it.  I’ve always thought the need something like this:

“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, eggs or cocoa beans may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have a medical condition.   Do so at your own risk.”

4 Responses to “Ask the Alchemist #49”

  1. And of course I ignore that warning when eating sushi and rare meat 🙂

  2. The crux here is would you do it if the chef said “I don’t trust it is safe to eat that way”. Or would you go out to your local supermarket and eat the raw fish in the case when it is specifically not sashimi grade? Sashimi grade is that grade among other things because the preparer knows and expects you will eat it raw and has taken the appropriate precautions to keep it safe. That’s can’t be said for 99.99% of the cocoa out there.

  3. Did you dislocate your knee lugging bags of cacao around your shop??

  4. No. Jumping during tether ball trying to return a wicked arc 🙂

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