Cocoa vs Cacao – Adult supervison recommended

First off, I get this a lot.  i.e. what is the difference?  Very simple really.  English vs Spanish.

Next, someone shared this with me and I just had to share it.  And we are are all adults here?  Right.  Ok, close enough.  Remember.  Adult supervision recommended.  No, really.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


2 Responses to “Cocoa vs Cacao – Adult supervison recommended”

  1. Adult supervision… hmm…

    As to cacau vs. cocoa, yes, it’s the language difference. However, I have found it a tad easier when dealing with both my suppliers and buyers, let alone the general hoi-poloi, to define ‘cacau’ as the bean and ‘cocoa’ as the base commercial product that is generally accepted by the unwashed and uneducated as ‘chocolate’.

  2. About all I can say for that is that in 10 years trying that basically didn’t do any good. My best results have generally been education (the post) and not using the one word short hand all together.

    Cocoa beans
    Cacao fruit or pod
    Cocoa fruit
    Cacao nibs
    Cacao beans
    Cocoa liquor
    Unsweetened chocolate

    Basically, no confusion at all IMO.

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