Ask the Alchemist #53

I have become interested in home chocolate making (with the possibility of selling one day) and have been slowly learning about the process and acquiring equipment. However, I have some concerns after seeing posts on your forums and elsewhere about pathogens (salmonella, e. coli, etc) in unroasted beans. It sounds like roasting is really the […]

New Crop Venezuelan

The new crop is in and lovely.  Right now just the raw Retail pages are up.  Roasted and Wholesale will take me a little longer, but it’s coming. Canoabo – A new region and farm, by a farmer (Rodrigo) who knows his cocoa.  This is a delightedly soft cocoa. Mantuano – It’s back, and even […]

Ask the Alchemist #52

I have seen the blendtec twister jar and vitamix making awesome nut butters, grinding coffee etc. Now why wouldn’t you use such a thing for pregrinding the cocoa beans? For example it takes only a couple of seconds to grind coffee. I am very curious and looking forward to your answer. Hi everyone and welcome […]

Ask the Alchemist #51

I have not yet tried making chocolate. I’ve just been trying to research it as much as possible before I begin the process. I originally was going to grind cocoa nibs and try to make my own chocolate that way. But as I’ve continued to research there is just so much work involved in that […]



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