Ask the Alchemist #56

We just finished Thanksgiving and had a wonderful roast turkey. We put it in for 5 hours at 325 F. Why can’t roasting cocoa beans be this simple? First off, I want to thank everyone associated with Chocolate Alchemy. It’s both and honor and a privilege to work with all the wonderful people that I […]

Ask the Alchemist #55

I have heard that some people pick through and screen their cocoa beans one by one to remove all the uneven ones, flat beans or ones that don’t look just right. Do I have to do this? You don’t mention it at all. Do you have to do this? In a word, no, you don’t […]

Ask the Alchemist #54

I tried making some ganache with praline which solidified nicely in the fridge. I was able to shape it into cuboids / bricks and then dip it in tempered chocolate. But if you look at the photo you can see that after the chocolate had set or started to set the filling started to melt […]

Organic Madagascar Vanilla is here

Due to requests, whole Madagascar vanilla is now available.  And Organic this time. And Ecuador RFA/Org is also available.



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