Ask the Alchemist #61

What is your opinion on trade secrets? I am surprised by your willingness to share what you know. Why don’t you write a book? Warning, Ranting/Rambling Alchemist ahead. I am always amused when questions like this come up. And more so after the Chocolate Fest event this last weekend. While wandering around, I heard more […]

Ask the Alchemist #60

Can I also ask you about experience in making raw chocolate from the bean without roasting? Some companys slightly roast them. Why? I have certainly talked about this in the past, but the questions keep coming in, so here is a bit more. . First off, it is a potentially dangerous endeavor. Raw beans can […]

Fresh Cacao Fruits are now available for Pre-order

I will be bringing in a small shipment of Cacao Pods. Make sure you read the fine print, but the short of most of it is these can only ship to the mainland USA, are perishable and this is for pre-orders, closing January 21, 2014. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Ask the Alchemist #59

Ok, sort of a place holder week. Q:  Are you still doing the Ask the Alchemist series. A:  Yes.  Until people stop asking questions. Q:  I’ve never seen nibs before but the label on the bag says: “Nuts, medjool dates, molasses and interesting tobacco.” Can you explain what that is supposed to mean? Do you […]



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