Traveling 2/14/14-2/24/14

I will be gone 2/14/14-2/24/14 traveling to China (with my daughter).  I’ll be leaving the stores open, but there will be no shipping on orders that are in after 2/13/14 @ 6:00 am for Retail, and 2/12/14 @ noon for Wholesale (and that may be tight). Likewise, email responses will be spotty while I’m gone.  […]

Ask the Alchemist #62

I recently made my first 9 lb batch of dark chocolate (just beans and sugar) in my Santha Spectra 11. Prior to that I had only made 2 – 5 lbs for about a year. For my tastes, I observed that typically I would melange around 5-6 hours per pound of chocolate. That seemed to […]



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