Champion Juicer Price increase

If you have been thinking about getting a Champion Juicer NOW is the time.  Plastaket has introduced a MAP policy, so as of April 1 (no joke again – I’m going to get my mileage out of that phrase this year) the new price for the USA will go from $240 to $265.  But until then I’m leaving it at the $240 price.
Also, this is a reminder about the April 1 deadline for Cacao Fruits.

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  1. Just thought of one other use for this juicer for the home artisan, vibration. I’m going to try it with my next batch. Set the machine on a table and remove all attachments. Attach some small piece of metal, maybe a drill bit, some nails or something, to the length of the shaft, secured with several rubber bands. Be careful to secure it firmly so it doesn’t launch projectiles at you. Set your molded chocolates on the same table and turn the motor on. I’m thinking a lightweight, preferably metal table would work the best. As with any imbalanced machine, don’t leave it unattended as it might scoot off the table.

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