Ask the Alchemist #78

How long can raw beans keep prior to roasting? After roasting ? Is the bean roasted, at its most vulnerable stage? How stable is chocolate tempered and non tempered? After removing finished chocolate from the melanger , can or should chocolate be tempered first or can it be put in ziplock bags straight from melanger […]

Ask the Alchemist #77

Hi! so i understand that when working with dark chocolate you have to melt it to 45-49 C. and then cool it to 28C. Then reheat it to 32C, to melt out all of the unstable crystals. But is it possible to just skip the middle step of cooling to 28C? What if i just […]

Ask the Alchemist #76

I have had some hit and miss tempering with the prototype temperer. It worked beautifully for my smaller test batches and only tempered half of the large batch I made last week. I have been looking at all the tempering methods you talk about on the website and contemplating trying it without the tempering machine. […]

Ask the Alchemist #????

As odd as it sounds, I don’t have any unanswered, pending questions in the queue.  Really?  You folks don’t have anything more?  If you think of something, you can send it over to question(removethis) at chocolatealchemy  dot com as always.  Remember, there are no dumb questions (and no, that is NOT a challenge) only unasked […]



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