Ask the Alchemist #170

Level: Novice Reading time: 10 min I’ve tried to make “just add hot water” drinking chocolate.  However I’m having two problems: When I add hot water, the chocolate has to be stirred A LOT to get it to mix and even then, there’s tiny blobs of it left in the bottom of the mug.   […]

Ask the Alchemist #169

Level: Novice Reading time: 5 min  I’m considering creating a bean to bar chocolate shop.  My reading so far indicates I’ve got a lot of reading to do.  Good thing I’m not planning on starting it for about 18 months.  Other than Chocolate and The chocolate life, what other resources & references can you […]

Ask the Alchemist #168

Level: Novice Reading time: 5-15 min (depending on how you follow maths) I have a batch of 75% chocolate running.  70% cocoa nibs, 5% cocoa butter, the rest sugar.  I want to make it 80% by adding cocoa butter.  I started with 85 oz of nibs.  Can I just add the same amount of cocoa […]

Ask the Alchemist #167

Level: Novice Read time: 5 minutes When I peruse through your selection of cocoa beans for sale, the stark contrast in colors between the different origins always catches my eye.  It’s pretty interesting to look at for me.  But then that’s always made me wonder, have you standardized how you take the photo of each […]

Ask the Alchemist #166

Level: Alchemist Read time: 6 minutes I have been bowl tempering with good success until the ambient temperature in my kitchen went up.  Typically in the morning when I temper the kitchen is about 60 degrees.  We had some unusually hot weather and we have no air conditioning, so my kitchen was about 80.  However, […]

Ask the Alchemist #165

Level: Novice Read time: 3 minutes I am confused about the issue of “burning” or “scorching” chocolate. It is widely advised that when melting chocolate for tempering, one should not let it get above 120º F or else the chocolate will be irreparably damaged and will not be able to be tempered.  However, while grinding […]



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