Ecuador Micro lots are in

First off, there is no telling how long these will be around.  I have a few hundred pounds of each at the moment.  If one or two in particular go over well, I may try and bring in a bit more.  Regardless, get them while they are here. Ecuador – Cedeno  – The chocolate carries […]

Ask the Alchemist #106

I am a little disappointed in the wild boliva I got. I have thrown away a third of the beans. They are full of webs and moth eaten beans. Can I still make chocolate out of these? I’ve read from some chocolate makers that they are throwing out 30%. I’m assuming you got them from […]

New Beans in stock

Announcing four new beans in stock.  Two new Peru plus the new crop of the old favorite.  Like I needed more Peru.  But these are great so you need them too! And the LONG awaited Wild Bolivia. Peru FT/Org – Oro Verde 2015 This is the ‘standard’ Peru that we have had for years – […]

Ask the Alchemist #101

I was reading about a process implemented by Bühler (a maker of coffee and cocoa processing machines) that applies dry steam of water for 25sec under 5.5 bar pressure directly before drying and roasting the beans. They say this reduces the infection from 100 Million anaerobe mesophile per gram to less than 100. Now I […]

New Origin in stock

For the first time in 10 years I have a Brazilian cocoa that doesn’t taste like dirt.  In this case, it smells like the State Fair.  At least when it’s roasting and you associate deep fried donuts with the State Fair.  Really.  Crazy I know. Brazil Organic 2014 “…. character comes through with dry leather […]

Beans and Blends

Three new offerings: First I want to introduce a new Alchemist’s Chocolate Blend Series.  As the Inspiration Muse strikes me, expect a new blend.  Occasionally, they may even contain beans not sold individually! Alchemist’s Chocolate Blend #1 “Balance” – Nuanced, structured and satisfying. Guatemalan 2014:  There are nuts (walnut), dry spice (like cinnamon and nutmeg), […]



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