Ask the Alchemist #160

Level: Apprentice Read time: 4 minutes After winnowing I was told to remove all excess of twigs from the nibs (which is the root of each bean- see picture attached) otherwise my chocolate would be bitter! The task is huge!!! We can only remove 2 pounds per hour per person so for me it is […]

Ask the Alchemist #127

I’m having trouble with my winnower. It’s been working great for months and now it just won’t pull the husk out. I’ve tried all the different settings and it just work. I received this via email and wasn’t really an Ask the Alchemist, but I’m turning it into one as I think it’s good information. […]

Ask the Alchemist #124

What do the symbols mean on you winnower logos? Where did you find them? Is Aether with a long A or E or something else? I have been waiting for this question for years. Thank you. First off, the logo. To begin, I didn’t find the central figure. It is a composite of traditional alchemical […]

Ask the Alchemist #113

I do not do the “Champion juicer” step – I take the roasted nibs (purchased from the Alchemist himself) and slowly add them directly to the santha. I’m sure there’s more husk included than some purists would like. This got me thinking…Since the santha pulverizes everything, what is the effect of skipping the cracking / […]

Ask the Alchemist #80

I´m trying to replicate your Aether winnower, by the way, thanks for putting together such a nice piece of work! I wonder what are the sizes of the two acrylic boxes that hold the husks. Thanks. To be ornery, I don’t use acrylic boxes. They are polycarbonate. Next question….Oh wait…you didn’t even ask a question….Still, […]

Ask the Alchemist #78

How long can raw beans keep prior to roasting? After roasting ? Is the bean roasted, at its most vulnerable stage? How stable is chocolate tempered and non tempered? After removing finished chocolate from the melanger , can or should chocolate be tempered first or can it be put in ziplock bags straight from melanger […]



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