Ask the Alchemist #68

Thanks to you, I am now winnowing my own beans. I LOVE the Slyph. Thank you!! To crack and feed the beans, I am using the champion juicer like you use for the Aether. I’m not complaining, but I’ve noticed that my nibs, although basically free of husk, don’t quite look as nice as the […]

Ask the Alchemist #11

What are the different ways that people winnow their cocoa beans? What are the pros and cons between them? Well, first and foremost, we should just get it out of the way, and define winnowing. From Webster’s Definition of WINNOW – transitive verb 1 a (1) : to remove (as chaff) by a current of […]

The Sylph Winnower for sale

I am pleased to present, the Sylph Winnower: It’s been a while coming, but the first (to my knowledge) consumer sized winnower is now available (at least at a not unreasonable price and with a reasonable efficiency and through put). What you see there is how it comes.  You need to supply a cracker (Champion […]

Website Migration

The site will be migrating today to a new server.  There may (or may not) be some small periods of down time. Also, I’ve been updating some of the Alchemist Notebook pages – they are not linked in, but you can view them directly here: Roasting Cracking and Winnowing (with history of the Aether, plans, […]

The Aether “Sprite” Winnower

Sometimes I just can’t help myself.  I don’t have the full size Aether readily available (although, it’s marching quickly closer), but I had to see if I could put together what I’ve wanted for years – a table top winnower. And I did.  May I present the Aether “Sprite”  –                                     All the same basic features […]

Announcing the Aether Winnower

I would like to officially announce the Aether Winnower. 50 lb capacity cracker.  Dual air flow calibration.  Clear sided husk trap.  Stainless steel, aluminum, PVC construction. 1+lb/min winnowing rate. And you can see the distribution of husk and nib.  I just can’t ask for better than that.  80.7 % recovery. I will be contacting those […]



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