Chocolate Alchemy’s DIY Winnower part 3

A picture is worth a 1000 words…and I’m just not up to a thousand words right now. That is the official working model.  40 lb hopper.  Husk bin to contain that and more.  All neat and slip fit with no guess work for assembly.  It breaks down easy for shipping.  It processed 40 lbs of […]

Chocolate Alchemy’s DIY Winnower part 2

It has come to light that a few clarifications are in order. Very first off.  The use of the Champion.  The Champion is being used as a cracker and feeder.  The screen holder needs a little minor modification.  It comes with a grid which needs to be clipped out, and it needs to be attached […]

Chocolate Alchemy’s DIY Winnower

Okay, for those of you completely chomping at the bit, here is the first draft of an easy to build and operate Do It Yourself (DIY) winnower.  It’s made from 2″ and 3″ PVC fittings and pipe, a Champion Juicer and a common Shop-Vac.  You will need to work out a support structure for it […]

Chocolate Independence Day

Could the timing be any better?  For what you ask?  Let me ask you a couple questions. 1)  Where is the bottle neck in the chocolate making process currently? 2)  How much do you love winnowing by hand? 3)  How much do you want to spend $5000 on a winnower? You have all heard how […]

Raw chocolate, conching, roasted beans and experiments….

It seems to be generally known I don’t promote raw chocolate.  It’s not that I don’t approve of it (although I have some issues about it), it more that I just don’t really care for it and even more so, just don’t ‘get it’.  Although they are not my words, there is an article that […]

All American Chocolate – Cocoa from Hawaii

Well, to be accurate, I should really say cocoa grown in the USA.   I have a small amount of cocoa from Hawaii.  Specifically from Waialua estate on Oahu.  It’s a tiny bean (see below) with a bold chocolate flavor.  Big chocolate flavor, dark notes, macadamia nut, soft lemon.  Check out the whole review.  Also, you […]



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