All American Chocolate – Cocoa from Hawaii

Well, to be accurate, I should really say cocoa grown in the USA.   I have a small amount of cocoa from Hawaii.  Specifically from Waialua estate on Oahu.  It’s a tiny bean (see below) with a bold chocolate flavor.  Big chocolate flavor, dark notes, macadamia nut, soft lemon.  Check out the whole review.  Also, you […]

Odds and ends

The drawings of the newest (and hopefully final) version of the deluxe cracker have been sent to the shop for quoting and production.  Maybe I’ll get some quick photos up to show it off. There is a new bean from the Dominican Republic in.  It will be up and available over the weekend.  It has […]

Winnower update

Yes, it’s been a long time coming, but it is coming along.  I’ve made a few discoveries (both good and less than good) along the way. 1)  The new Deluxe cracker (not yet available) that I designed to give a more even crack for the winnower works great. 2)  With the new cracker, due to […]

New Cocoa beans and butter

I have some interesting offerings coming up.  A selection of various Ghana and Indonesian cocoa that I had the opportunity to share with you.  I am still working out how I am going to offer it.  Maybe as micro lots.  Maybe some as blends.  Stay tuned. And as far as opportunities go, the same thing […]

New Products and Services

I’ve added an additional variation to the Venezuelan Sampler Packs – there is now a 4 lb version, giving you a full pound of each bean to experience, and it’s discounted 30% off the base price.  Almost every week I get asked if milk chocolate can be made with fresh milk and I always have […]

New Winnower style

As most people know, I’ve been working on a winnower for some time now.  Well, so has someone else, and it is rather exciting.  At least I am excited.  It is a very elegant design.  It’s based on the principal of a cyclone dust collector. You can see it in action at Brooklyn Cacao . […]



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