Ask the Alchemist #33

I want to make chocolate for baking. Do I need to still go through all the steps of refining, conching and tempering? How is the process of making baker’s chocolate different from the process of making semi-sweet chocolate?You do not have to go through all of the steps you list above, but you do need […]

Spectra 11 Melanger

The new Spectra 11 review is now up. And they are now available.  Here’s a shot of the new internals:

New Melanger warranty policy

New Melanger Policy This is for the Santha Melanger, that I modified for use some 7 years ago, and carried no warranty at that time.  A couple years ago, a limited short warranty was added.  This is now a pretty standard 1 year warranty for the contiguous 48 USA states.  The others and international are […]

Hickory Smoked Bacon Chocolate

Did I get your attention? Ok, the new Papua New Guinea isn’t quite like that, but it is the first thing I thought of when smelling the freshly roasted nibs after winnowing. Go check out the full review. We are also taking orders for the Spectra 20 and Spectra 40 Grinders. Please read about the […]

Chocolate Making 101

My dear partner Penelope put this together, noting that so far there is not one single page outlining the entire chocolate making procedure start to finish.  Well, now there is. Chocolate Making at Home 101 It won’t give you everything you need in detail (hence the ‘101’) but gives a great overview.  For all the […]

Melangers and Shipping

The new Melangers are in and all back orders have been filled. Also, all the larger units (Spectra 20 and 40) have been sold. There will be more in around May. If you would like to reserve a unit (or more), please contact me via email. The Spectra 20 is $1000 and the Spectra 40 […]



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