12th Night, tortes and the aztecs

How’s that for a title? I celebrated 12th night last night (secular form actually) and for dessert I prepared a fresh Tabasco (bean of course) based flourless torte – just to die for.   I thought I would share both parts. 69% Dark Tabasco chocolate – 6.25 lbs 5 lbs of Tabasco cocoa 5 oz  Natural […]

Just in time for Mother’s day

Ok, not exactly the perfect Mother’s Day mold.  They were meant to be, but the mold company forgot a zero (hey, what’s a zero anyway – it’s nothing), so we have a limited supply (5 actually) of these.  Not normally what I would offer, cut upon seeing them, they do have a nice bit of […]

The “New” Stone Melangers are in

In no small part to Chocolate Alchemy, Santha is now calling their motor ventilated wet grinders Chocolate Stone Melangers. So, I will probably start referring to them that way. So if you see mention to the Santha Melanger, or Stone Melanger, it is the Santha Wet Grinder made and adjusted for us chocolate makers. To […]

NewWay to Crack Cocoa Beans

By way of a customer’s comment (thank you John H.) I tried cracking some cocoa beans with my Champion Juicer. I had thought of this some time ago, but never pursued it because the Crankandstein Cocoa mill works so well. I just ran the whole cocoa beans through the juicer without the lower plate on. […]

Chocolate Alchemy Log – Testing in the Laboratory

I roasted 4 lbs (12 cups) of cocoa tonight. I really need to get my drum roaster finished. I think it will give a much better end product. This batch was done in the oven, distributed between two shallow dishes. I preheated to 425 F and put the beans in. At five minutes I gave […]



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