Ask the Alchemist #172

Level: Apprentice/Alchemist Reading time: 13 min How do I sweeten my chocolate with honey? Sit back.  It’s story time. For years now I have not had an answer to this question.  Or at least I didn’t have an encouraging answer.  The best I could say was that you could not just pour it into your […]

Ask the Alchemist #170

Level: Novice Reading time: 10 min I’ve tried to make “just add hot water” drinking chocolate.  However I’m having two problems: When I add hot water, the chocolate has to be stirred A LOT to get it to mix and even then, there’s tiny blobs of it left in the bottom of the mug.   […]

Ask the Alchemist #168

Level: Novice Reading time: 5-15 min (depending on how you follow maths) I have a batch of 75% chocolate running.  70% cocoa nibs, 5% cocoa butter, the rest sugar.  I want to make it 80% by adding cocoa butter.  I started with 85 oz of nibs.  Can I just add the same amount of cocoa […]

Ask the Alchemist #154

Now that you have a cocoa butter press, have you experimented with different ways of making chocolate (to improve flavor/texture/etc…)?  While I realize that “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”…. My mind is now spinning with thoughts of things that could be done during the process… pressing butter out of the liqueur before […]

Ask the Alchemist #148

What recipe should I use? This is a follow up from all the possible combinations and permutations that are possible when making a batch of chocolate. Clearly you can’t make all 7 billion combinations. You can’t even make 70 really. But what you can do is go about it systematically and zero in pretty quickly […]

Ask the Alchemist #147

I am planning to open a chocolate making business. I’m trying to come up with the perfect chocolate that stands out from the crowd. What recipe should I use? I can’t tell you. I’m going to tackle this one with math. And I’m going to try to walk a line between utterly absurd and merely […]



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