Ask the Alchemist #87

I am an avid home brewer. I am about to brew a chocolate porter and want to you cocoa nibs. Can you give me advice on what techniques to use? Disclaimer: This is going to be aimed at home brewers and not really chocolate makers at all. With that, there may be a bit of […]

Ask the Alchemist #58

Hi, I am using chocolate chips for tempering, since it is kind of thick for coating I wonder if I can add cocoa butter to help liquify it? I’m not 100% sure what you mean, but I think I get the basic idea. It sounds like you are using chocolate chips to coat something with […]

Make your own allergy free chocolate

I probably receive a request a week from people wanting to make milk free “milk” chocolate. After a bit of experimenting, some suggestions from various customers and numerous taste tests, I am really pleased to submit the following two recipes for those with milk allergies and/or sensitivities. My daughter can not consume anything with cow’s […]

Chocolate Alchemy Creations – White Chocolate

It is not really chocolate, but I have received enough requests, that I finally had to put a batch of White Chocolate on. It was very simple. The only piece of equipment you need is the Santha Wet Grinder. Just combine the following: Homemade White Chocolate 26 oz Cocoa Butter 25 oz White Sugar 22 […]

Alchemical Formulation (Recipes) Complete

Well, I finally finished putting a number of recipes together. They vary in skill level upon your path of Chocolate Alchemy. The first set uses primarily cocoa nibs. The next set uses cocoa liqueur that you make yourself. The final section has a variety of actual chocolate recipes, including some new thoughts and ideas about […]

Artisan Brownies

When Heather visited a few weeks ago, we made a pound of cocoa liqueur from some Barinas cocoa beans that I had roasted up a couple of days earlier. As I did not have my CrankandStein mill yet, we just ran the whole cocoa bean through the Champion, letting it separate the husk. The resulting […]



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