Ask the Alchemist #178

Level: Alchemist Reading time: 20 minutes (if you are lucky) Question: Time? Things are considered tempered when you take a test strip cool it and it has the characteristics you want. My question is does this happen rapidly, say 95% of the fat is in “V” at 10 mins, or is “tempering” when say 50% […]

Ask the Alchemist #175

Level: Alchemist Reading time: 7 min So I have the revolution X chocovision tempering machine. I am noticing at our apartment temperature being an average of 74F our chocolate does not hold nearly as well as others. I have a bar from fruition, rogue, dandelion, etc etc all at about the same 70% ratio and […]

Ask the Alchemist #174

Level: Apprentice Reading time: 10 min I am struggling making my 70% chocolate with only two ingredients.  It seems like what I should do but it is really thick and hard to work with.   It blooms really badly. What am I doing wrong? Why are you not adding a little cocoa butter? I mostly keep […]

Ask the Alchemist #166

Level: Alchemist Read time: 6 minutes I have been bowl tempering with good success until the ambient temperature in my kitchen went up.  Typically in the morning when I temper the kitchen is about 60 degrees.  We had some unusually hot weather and we have no air conditioning, so my kitchen was about 80.  However, […]

Ask the Alchemist #165

Level: Novice Read time: 3 minutes I am confused about the issue of “burning” or “scorching” chocolate. It is widely advised that when melting chocolate for tempering, one should not let it get above 120º F or else the chocolate will be irreparably damaged and will not be able to be tempered.  However, while grinding […]

Ask the Alchemist #159

Level: Alchemist Read time: 8 minutes. Would you have a graph showing the temperatures at which type V crystals melt for different chocolates? Part two If you have not read last week’s answer, go ahead and read it.  I’ll wait. Good.  You are up to speed?  Good.  Let us proceed. One of the big problems […]



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