New Products on the way

No Ask the Alchemist today.  The queue is empty. Mind you, I thought I was setting a new record this week for submissions, but somehow things have become confused.  All the messages were general questions to me.  Do you ship here?  Can you ship this out today?  Do you sell tempering machines?  Where can I […]

Porecelana and Guasare available

I have a couple bags of the incredibly rare (and unique tasting) Venezuelan Porcelana beans in.  Tangy lemon/lime. There is also a larger amount of rich Venezuelan Guasare in – personally my preference is for this one, with it’s lush, sweet nutty notes. Go check them out.  I actually did a three way roast level […]

New cocoa beans

We are kicking the new year off with three new beans. First, the brand new one, and maybe my favorite of the bunch (since I just finished writing up the review, it is of course the last chocolate I ate, so of course it is my favorite). Peru FT/Org Norandino 2015/16 – There is orange […]

Potential down time

We are doing some admin updates to the site today and it may or may not go down from time to time.

Last minute details

No Ask the Alchemist this week as the queue is empty. And we are packing like crazy for getting your packages out for the holidays.  As a reminder, yesterday was the last day for Ground deliveries to easily make it for Christmas.  But we are accepting orders through Sunday night for Monday shipping. Dominican Republic […]

Holiday schedule, moving and other things that affect our time and your scheduling.

With the amazing response (orders went up an order of magnitude) to the first ever Thanksgiving appreciate ‘Thing’ I was not able to keep up with a current Ask the Alchemist. We will see how this week goes. From the Appreciation Thing you can see we are moving some time soon. To be able to […]



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