Santha Air flow Modification

How to Hack Your Santha

As it originally came, the Santha Wet Grinder could only be run about one hour at a time. Any more than this and the motor heats up too much, and you were in danger of damaging it. Unfortunately, this is not convenient for refining chocolate as we need to run it anywhere from 5-15 (or more) hours at a time. The good news is that with a simple modification, the Santha’s drive motor can be converted from an intermittent use motor to a continuous use motor. All it takes is better air flow to pull the heat away from the motor. Santha is now providing Chocolate Alchemy with Santhas that are factory modified, but if you have an original one, you can modify it yourself.


Chocolate Alchemy is not guaranteeing this will not damage or shorten the life of your Santha Wet Grinder. Only that it has worked successfully for us.

In no event should you leave your Santha running unattended, modified or unmodified.

Now that we have that legal necessity out of the way, this is how we converted our original Santha to continuous use.
Unplug your Santha. Remove the granite rollers and bowl
Turn the Santha over. You will find 9 Phillip’s head screws. Remove these, being careful to not lose the washers.
Separate the halves of the plastic shell.
Turn the top shell over. You will see four screws holding the motor cover in place. Remove these and the motor cover.
You now need to modify the motor cover to allow more air flow. It does not work to simply leave this cover off. The fan blows air out horizontally, and without the motor cover to direct the cooling air past the motor, the air just blows directly away from the fan without doing any cooling. This modification entails cutting a 3″ to 4″ hole in the top for inlet air. I cut a 3″ hole and covered it with a fan grill guard for safety’s sake. I would suggest finding a fan guard, and cutting your hole to fit. Mine is from an old computer.
Once there is enough air coming in, you need to give it someplace to go. That little grate on the bottom of the case is a joke. I cut four 3″ x 1″ slots out of the base of the cover, in between the screw holes. Mark where you want you cuts to go, making sure you are not cutting out the screw holes.
I cut mine out with a fine bladed jig saw – watch your speed or you may melt the cut line instead of cutting it.
After you have modified your motor cover, put your fan guard on.
Reattach the motor cover to the case, and then put the case back together.

With these changes, we have have run the Santha all day long (3 days so far) under load, refining 8 lbs of chocolate. The motor heats up after an hour or so, but equilibrates at that temperature (about 130 F) instead of overheating.

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