First and foremost, THANK YOU!

That is really why I am writing.

Hopefully you know by now I only write when I have something worthwhile to say.  So, once again, keep reading and see what it is.

I have a great life.  I have a beautiful daughter, a wonderful partner and a healthy business that lets me both support other people do what they enjoy (make chocolate) and gives me the ability to do what I enjoy and love - make things, build things and spend time with those I love.

Every day I am grateful for what I do and in no small part it is because of you.  If you didn't like and support what I do, I could not do it.  It is really that simple.

You have actually been so supportive that we are in the process of expanding.  Since the beginning of Chocolate Alchemy I have run it out of my home in one form or another.  First it was just a small place in one room in my home.  Then an 800 sqft out building.  That progressed to a larger 1200 sqft outbuilding.  When I moved to Eugene nearly 6 years ago the mindset for the realtor was that I needed a shop to run my business....oh and yeah, it should have a house too. That 1700 sqft shop turned out to be larger than my house.  It is cramped now.  For the first time, I am going off site to a 2400 sqft warehouse (to process orders) AND keeping the 1800 sqft shop to build in (like winnowers and other NDA projects I can't talk about).  4200 sqft total!

Again.  That would not be possible without your past and continued support.

I want to show how much I appreciate that.

Everyone and their brother (sister, third cousin fifth removed and pet gerbil) are doing "black Friday sales".  I have never ever done one.....and I still am not.  I've never run a 'sale' and don't plan to ever do it.   To me, constant sales and discounts just don't make sense.  Clearly if you are always running a sale,your margins are inflated.  I don't do that.  I price with sustainability in mind, day in, day out.  Hence, no sales.  I give 'discounts' the more you buy because the overhead is lower per pound.  It's why wholesale is less than retail.

At this point I would be surprised if you didn't know where this was going.  So let's just put it out there and then do the remaining details.

For the next 4 days I am giving a 42% discount (ala 4200 sqft) on all cocoa beans bought on the Retail side.

It is 4 days for a particular set of reasons.  I want you to have plenty of time to take advantage of it.  It's not for 'black friday'.  It isn't for 'small business saturday'.  It's not a "flash sale" and you don't have to "act now".   For me it is about Thanksgiving....but I don't want you buying things on my store on Thanksgiving...I want you spending time with your families.  And I don't want you rushing to fit it in with all the other 'sales'.  So I am pushing it out through Monday, when you have time to breathe again after your busy weekend.

So here it is.  You can use the Discount code "Thankyou42"  at checkout. It will be good from starting tomorrow (Friday) and last through the end of day Monday.  There are really no restrictions (except I guess it is only for beans and nibs).  You can use it as much as you want, buy as little or as much as you want.  Basically I am giving you Wholesale prices (give or take a little) for 4 days.  If you want to include other things in the order, that is ok too.  The code is smart enough to only apply it to beans and nibs (really, the software will only allow me to apply it to one group of products, and why I can't include things like Brewing cocoa blends - sorry about that).

That's it I guess.  This isn't a sale.  I'm not trying to dump inventory.  It's not to raise extra capital for the move.  I don't expect to do it again.   I don't know what to call this thing, so I am not going to call it anything.  Not everything needs a catchy phrase.  It can just 'be'.

I often say "I say what I mean and mean what I say".

This thing is simply a sincere thank you gesture. Enough said. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and once again.  Thank you!

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