20,000 orders is worth giving back

That back story on this is that I am so appreciative of the support that all of you have given over the years making Chocolate Alchemy a success and heralding in this new bean to bar movement.  I was told 15 years ago that it was impossible to make chocolate at home.  That there was no equipment and that it was too complicated.  I didn’t believe that and worked out how to do it and created Chocolate Alchemy as a result.  

For all I knew no one would want to actually make chocolate at home.  But I didn’t believe that and now we are within a stone’s throw of 20,000 orders (really retail orders, it’s past that in total), i.e. Order 20,000.

To that end, whoever orders and gets Order 20,000 will get it for free (I’ll actually not accept the credit card payment or refund if it is Paypal). 


Unconditional Conditions, you know. 


  1. There is no duplication of equipment.
  2. The total is $1000 or less, shipping included.
  3. The order has a valid shipping rate (i.e. the total weight on the order must be less than 150 lbs)
  4. You cannot have ordered after this offer started (12/22/17) and then canceled the order(s)
  5. It is a Retail order and it is paid in full.
  6. Should the order not come up to $1000 the balance is not redeemable for other merchandise, cash or outstanding balances.

Some of the catches are I am not going to tell you what order number we are up to, just that it is close to 20,000 and will probably be hit by the end of the year.  Some of you will be able to tell having just placed orders. For others that means if you want a small leg up knowing how close it is getting to 20,000 you will need to put an order in.

In the event Order 20,000 is over $1000 I’ll deduct $1000 off the order total.

Finally there is a clear intent here folks. I’m trying to give back and show my appreciation.

If I judge you have gamed the system contrary to the intent I reserve the right to pick a different order number or none at all.  The same goes if Order 20,000 doesn’t  happen to meet the 5 criteria.

And again, a sincere thank you for your support of Chocolate Alchemy and my dream.