Okay. Lets Try Something new.

I am trying out a limited free shipping offer (it is extended until further notice) .  It is the same one I offered back during the holidays and I am trying it out for February.  If it turns out to be relatively hassle free on both sides (yours and mine) then they may stay around.  Here are the details:

I know Amazon can do this thing all the time and everyone expects its but as a small business owner I can't.  For me it's kind of a big deal.  Here is what I CAN do. 

If you fill any one USPS Flat rate package with ONLY cocoa beans, cocoa nibs or Brewing cocoa, I'll pick up the USPS shipping in the USA. Read the fine print.


Step One

Decide how many pounds you need to buy to fill the one box size you want free shipping on. YOU MUST FILL THE BOX for this to be valid. 


Step 2

Add some beans or nibs or brewing cocoa (and nothing else) to your cart (make sure the weight fills the box). 


Step 3

At check out put in the right coupon code:

Medium = 8lbsfreeshipping
Large = 12lbsfreeshipping



  • This is for the Retail Store only.

  • This is for USPS Flat Rate Boxes only.

  • You can use them as many times as you like (in separate orders).

  • The 2 lb Flat rate envelopes are not included this go around.

  • I cannot get the Testing and Evaluation beans to work due to technical details of the price coding. Sorry.

  • In a few select cases you may find you can put less than the amount into your boxes (7 lbs into a Medium box for instance) and the code will work. Please do me the honor and courtesy of going with the spirit of the offer and filling the box and not gaming the system. I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

  • Please don't include anything except cocoa beans, cocoa nibs or brewing cocoa (in any combination) in the order.

  • This only works for single orders of 8 lbs or 12 lbs exactly.  If, for example, you want to order 24 pounds of beans you have to place TWO orders of 12 lbs. each.  I'm sorry--the system just has no way of recognizing multiple combinations.