What you NEEED:

A bag of roasted brewing cocoa

Some Boiling Water

A filter

A cup

5 free minutes 

Screenshot 2017-11-29 12.45.07.png

#1 Order Brewing Cocoa

We carry many of kinds of Pre-Roasted and Pre-Ground, ready to make variants and special Alchemist's Blends of Brewing Cocoa.


#2 Boil Water

Please, dont make us explain!

SG-021-spooning-brewing-cocoa-2 .jpg

#3 Add Brewing Cocoa

2 Tablespoons per cup of water

SG-021-pouring-water .jpg

#4 Add Water

Go Slow. Stir it if needed. Sometimes it clogs up. 


#5 Let it brew 5 minutes

The Alchemist says don't get crazy and go over 5 minutes. It becomes astringent and funky. 

SG-remove-filter .jpg

#6 Remove filter & enjoy!

See. We told you it was simple.