In general, I don't have a lot of links here, and won't clutter it with a bunch of random links. If you would like to be here, I would like it to be related to chocolate somehow, although the relation could be quite meandering. Just ask. If I think it should go here, I may well ask you for a reciprocal link and there you are.

Sweet Marias - Coffee Home Roasting. The techniques for roasting coffee and cocoa are the essentially the same.

The Coffee Project is another coffee company with home coffee roasting equipment, green beans, and supplies. Since 1997. They also have a great wiki on the Behmor 1600 coffee (cocoa) roaster. And a section on cocoa roasting that I am assisting to write.

Chocophile - A really good introduction to high end Criollo and varietal chocolate.

CrankandStein is a producer of high quality metal grain mills for the home brewing market, and now our supplier for Cocoa Mills. RK Drums -  They make a very nice stainless steel roasting drums that fits on your gas grill. The drums are made for roasting coffee. I see no reason what so ever that you could not roast 3-4 pounds of cocoa in one also.

Home Roaster - This site doesn't have anything directly related to cocoa BUT there are a lot of inventive people there building and discussing coffee roasting, most of which can be used for cocoa roasting.

Chocolate Guild - Well if you are looking to learn about chocolate, talk about chocolate, and eat chocolate then this is the place. And personally I think "Guilds" and "Alchemy" go hand in hand.

The Chocolate Mold -They have a number of different molds that you might find enjoyable. I just can't carry all possible molds. Now these next are a little different. For some of you who desire to take the next step, there is a fine Professional Chocolatier School called Ecole Chocolat. I may well find myself there in a the future.

In addition, if you want to get some of the final tempering and molding techniques down (or maybe just want some good bulk chocolate) Ecole also has a fine list of sources.

Ecole also has started a Forum and in particular there is a discussion of various tempering machines. After reading through the reviews, I really like the Little Dipper. Someone pointed out to me that September 23 is Chocolate Day. I will have to check it out as this is my Daughter, Logan Genevieve's, Birthday. As that is sort of double celebratory, Ecards has some cute chocolate based cards.

Culinary schools is another good resource for those really serious about their food, cooking, supplies and raw ingredients.

And for those who are just chocolate lovers, Wayne has put together a rather complete list and evaluation of milk chocolates on his site. He also has some really interesting other sections that are not chocolate related.