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Let’s start off with the big ones.  These are always available on the right hand side of the main pages, but sometimes people miss them.  Step by Step

‘How to Make Chocolate’

Cocoa Beans


Cracking & Winnowing


Conching & Refining

Tempering & Molding

Helpful Articles and Pages

Chocolate Making 101

Tempering – Deconstruction and Reconstruction & Illustrated Tempering

Chocolate and Water FAQ

Chocolate Formulator

The “Truth” about “Raw” Chocolate
Equipment Specific Pages

Spectra 11 Melanger 
Behmor 1600 Gourmet Coffee AND COCOA Roaster

Changing the Santha Melanger motor

Alchemist Stone Chocolate Melanger Instructions and tips

Santha Air flow Modification (Mostly outdated, but where it all started)

Santha Melanger – Maintenance  How to change the motor, or change and tighten the belt
Crankandstein vs Champion There are two good was to avoid hand peeling cocoa.  This talks about the pros and cons of each.

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Articles and other Helpful pages

Alchemical Formulations