Chocolate Makers Starting Points

Sometimes simple shared experiences, sometimes hard won controversial positions but always short videos giving you tips, advice, and insight for diving deep.

5 Reasons Raw Cocoa Beans aren't meant for Humans.jpg

#1 - 5 Reasons Raw Cocoa Beans aren't Meant for Humans

There's a lot of confusion about Raw Cocoa Beans and The Alchemist wants to help clear it up. 

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#2 - 5 Things Chocolate Makers wish someone had told them

When you're first starting out there are is so much to learn but when you're an Alchemist there is so much you already know and take for granted. We asked some fellow chocolate makers for some things they wished they knew when they first started out. 


#2 - 5 Essential pieces of Equipment for making chocolate at home

Just getting started? Find out what gear is absolutely required to make modern, smooth, chocolate on a small scale at home.